The Story of Dr. Death

There is a funny story behind the history of this shirt.

About 5-years-ago at the Sturgis Rally an unknown artist setup a tiny booth offering to paint people’s tanks and fenders for $20.

Armed with only an airbrush this artists cranked out amazing original designs in just minutes…
… and for just 20 BUCKS!

Anyway, the shirt maker saw an opportunity, scrambled to get a square hunk of clean sheet metal and presented the canvas to the artist.

“Here you go… can you create for me an original design for a t-shirt?”

Less than 60-minutes later Dr. Death was born and has been a legend on Sturgis t-shirts every year!

The artist was never to be found again. Vanished!

With a little arm twisting we got some of these t-shirts and have available an extremely limited supply.

(the first batch SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours – yikes!)


P.S. These come with free shipping to anywhere


BikerOrNot Now on Your Cell Phone

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the first BON mobile site. This is 100% optimized for cell phone browsing.

Please note: Not all the features of the web site are available yet…

… but we are working on it.

Please give it a test drive and leave comments to any bugs or features that you would like to see implemented in the next version of BON Mobile.

BON Mobile Site ===>

New BON Ladies Spaghetti Tank & Thong

We need your opinion.

We are thinking about making this ladies’ spaghetti tank top and thong. They would NOT be sold as a set. You would be able to buy them separately.

Sizes: S – XL

Let us know what you think. Do you like it? Would you buy it?

Please comment below.


Rock-N-Wheels April 1, 2 & 3 – 2010

BikerOrNot will be helping Hogan Entertainment, Inc. with promoting the Rock-N-Wheels Event to BON members.

Details for the event:

April 1-3, 2010
Live Oak, Florida

‘David Cooler’ will be the featured band performing at the event:

To learn how you can promote your event on BikerOrNot call James Plouf at 727-521-7929.

BON Party USA – June 4,5,6

BON member Magic Man started a grassroots idea that will be the largest BON party ever. It’s ‘BON Party USA’ and it will be taking place this June, 2010

The vision is simple:  COAST-to-COAST parties (100? 200 perhaps?)  ALL happening at the same time!  Simultaneously occurring during the 1st weekend in June, the one AFTER Memorial Day, June 4,5,6.

Magic Man (and each of the local coordinators) are inviting all interested BON members to attend any of the currently scheduled parties. (click here for complete list):

Additionally – BON members who may be interested in organizing (coordinating) their own local ‘BON Party USA’ are encouraged and welcome to inquire.

Click here for more information ‘regarding’ — or — to learn more about ‘having’ a ‘BON Party USA’ in your area.

New BikerOrNot T-Shirt

This will be the first T-shirt that we actually have printed. Tell us what you think.

BikerOrNot Implements Facebook Connect

BON Members:

With over 70% of BON members also active on Facebook we felt a need for you to have the ability to share your events with your friends on Facebook.

This is done through Facebook Connect.

Now when you post an event on BikerOrNot you can select to also post this event information to all your friends on Facebook.

This accomplishes two things. First it saves you time by not doing the same thing twice. Second, it brings your Facebook friends to BON to check out the event.

Using Facebook connect when you join or post an event is optional but we highly encourage you to use the blue button.

Try it. I think you will like it.

Step 1: Click on the Facebook Connect Button

Step 2: Login to Facebook and share your event details

HookaLime Clip

If you’re a Corona drinker you’ve probably been pushing limes down the neck to get that perfect flavor. Well, guess what. Now there is a hook made especially for hanging the lime at the top of the bottle. The advantages according the inventor are:

a) perfect lime flavor every sip

b) no bitter taste (typical of what you get at the end of a bottle of Corona).

The HookaLime was invented by a BON member. You can learn more about the HookaLime at

So BON members. What is your thoughts/opinion of this invention?

Watch the video and please leave your comments.

BON Babe Patch

We are in the process of designing our next BON Patch.

After sending out the first survey several members suggest this patch design. What do you think?

Please leave your comments if you like or dislike this design.

Click HERE if you want to see the first idea. Warning. It is a bit controversial.

BON Bitch Patch

Someone suggested that we make a BON Bitch Patch. Not too sure if this is cool or offensive. What is your opinion? Should we make this patch?

Leave a comment and share with us how you feel about this patch.